Kitty Nippy - 4 Varieties- TOP SELLER

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SKU: PP 99459

Super Premium Catnip. USA organically grown catnip. Our catnip is freshly grown in the Pacific Northwest. We have four types to choose from. Each bottle comes with a Mesa catnip mouse FREE included in each jar.

Leaf and Flower Mixture - A very potent mixture of the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant

Fine Ground Mixture - Purrfect for toys, this is a mixture of leaves and flowers ground into a fine mixture/ 

Ultimate Blend - is the perfect balance of leaf and flower catnip, mixed with potent silver vine powder.

Herbal Blend Mix - is a must to spice up fun time for cats! Herbal blends is combined with catnip leaf and flower with pungent Valerian Roots.

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