Protein Bars - BLACK SOLDIER FLY Protein - 3 Flavors -SUPER SELLER

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Protein Bars - Nutrient Pack BSFL Protein - 3 Flavors

Black Soldier Fly Protein (BSFL) is truly a phenomenal protein

Why Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

  • Sustainable protein
  • BSFL contain up to 43% protein
  • Rich in Calcium (80 times more than meal worms)
  • BSFL eat organic waste
  • Their waste is used in fertilizer
  • No methane gas issues

We use the BSFL Protein and mix the protein with bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, goji berry and pumpkin. 

You will start hearing more about BSFL protein soon and for people too 

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