Pumpkin with Electrolytes

DOG Certified

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D.O.G. Certified Pumpkin with Electrolytes

Our recipes are crafted with the finest natural ingredients to help your dog and cat maintain a healthy, active life. Made from 100% responsibly sourced ingredients, our U.S. farm raised pumpkin provides you - the pet parent - with peace of mind. Our mission is to Do Only Good for your pet’s health and the planet. The Best In Nature Formulated with the Best of Science HELPS SUPPORT: • Healthy Digestive Tract • Replenishment of Electrolytes in Healthy Dogs and Cats • Healthy Microflora • Normal Stool Formation

Feeding Instructions Pumpkin powder is for use in weaned dogs and cats, as a source of natural fiber. Our farm raised pumpkin can be used in its dry form or moistened with water. Use daily with food or as needed for digestive track support. For supplemental feeding only. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water and see your veterinarian on a routine basis or when there is a question on the health of your pet

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