Penny Pet Protein Box - Sampler Pack Monthly Subscription Available

Penny Pet Products

SKU: PP 99489 - SM

Protein Packs are designed to give your pooch a variety of our best sellers. Our proteins are all Human Grade, single ingredient with no preservatives. We have put together a special sampler pack at a special price. Each Protein Pack comes with 4 proteins, Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Pork as well as organic Sweet Potatoes and 1 cow ear chew or pig snout chew. 

  • 4 OZ Chicken Chunks or Strips - 100% Human Grade, Single Ingredient, Air Dried Chicken
  • 4 OZ Turkey Chunks or Strips - 100% Human Grade, Single Ingredient Air Dried Turkey 
  • 4 OZ Beef Liver - 100% Human Grade, Single Ingredient, Air Dried Beef Liver
  • 4 OZ Pork Medallions - 100% Human Grade, Single Ingredient, Air Dried Pork
  • 4 OZ Sweet Potatoes - 100% Human Grade Organic Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 - Cow Ear or 1-Pig Snout (SM/Senior box)
  • If you sign up for a monthly subscriptions, you will receive 15% off and you'll receive a different chew treat, and a different protein each month for variety. If you add a Tippy Topper Food Topper, then shipping will be FREE. 
  • Send us a message if you want to substitute any protein with Beef Heart, Ground Turkey Strips, Ground Chicken Strips, Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato Strips, Ground Pork and Sweet Potato Strips. 
  • We can customize the box for a small/senior dog and medium/large breed dog. Just choose in the drop down box. Small/Senior Breed boxes have softer strips and chews customized for them. 

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