Wilma's Pet Odor Eliminator


SKU: WI 00272

Pet Odor Eliminator

Not Your Typical Air Freshener!

Wilma is an odor neutralizer gel specifically designed for the animal lovers. Wilma isn’t a new product. Wilma actually has been taking care of odors in the industrial world for years. Although Wilma had a few different names in the past, she still has the original strong odor fighting power. Wilma kept seeing animal lovers buying "Air Care" their industrial products for their personal use. So, they decided to offer them an amazing product with a packaging designed just for pet lovers.

Use Wilma’s Pet Odor Eliminator with confidence!

“Safe for Pets, People and the Planet!”

Made in the USA

You just open the lid and place in a room or basement or wherever you want the odor gone. Freckles say next to the cat box - Pee Yew